iniPax . . .  Welcome to iniPax: myMarket
  iniPax: myMarket

puts you in front of a trader's screen.

   You can run your own personal strategies - and deal with a flow of orders from phantom
   traders who've learned their trade in the real world.

   You'll start off with a balanced portfolio of the 8 companies on our list - and a useful pot of
   trading cash.

   Launch the system. Click Start and you'll be in your own private trading world.

   Orders will come though every few seconds - and breaking news will show up on the ticker.    

   You'll post Bids to Buy and you'll Ask to Sell - and like a real trader you can choose Limit Orders
   and Market Orders.

   Your orders will either be snapped up or they'll drop into the Central Order Book and wait ...    

   When your time is up, check out your results and then click Clear and Exit.

   And come back as often as you like ...


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